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What about the kitchen faucet?


The kitchen is to pay attention to the cradle of life taste and produce a large number of healthy, delicious food, and the basis of the kitchen faucet accessories is a commonly used can not be ignored, although compared to what ambry what lampblack machine, this is just a small part, but according to the owner that decorates most plus small make up their own experience, decorating the kitchen faucet is not only beautiful and practical problems, More important is the quality, if you buy an inferior or off-brand, it will really bring a lot of sudden problems, very troublesome to solve.

So what about the kitchen faucet

From the structural characteristics of the faucet, it can be divided into ceramic spool single handle water nozzle, 90° switch water nozzle and spiral steady lift rubber three types of water nozzle. The first two kinds of products are all made of specially processed surfaces of industrial ceramics to turn on and off water sources. The latter category tends to be phased out in the current market. The key is that the former two products have the advantages of convenient operation and flexibility, which is popular in the existing product structure. Xiaobian likes the simple and convenient 90° switch nozzle. Like the faucet, the more simple the structure, the less trouble it is not easy to break, and the probability of intelligent or tedious natural bad will be much greater.

Identification of faucet nozzle quality

When people choose products, they usually avoid buying defects and stains. Even if they take them home, they are always better than the defects and stains when they buy them. Therefore, when buying water spout, it is no exception. Therefore, attention should be paid to the surface of the nozzle with burrs and focal points formed by the poor quality of causeless plating, no coating in some parts, and holes and spots formed by the poor quality of causeless casting.
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