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Does the tap water purifier work?


When decorating the kitchen, we first think of the design and layout, followed by the countertops, sinks and gas stoves and so on one by one to choose and push forward. Actually, THE FUNCTIONAL FUNCTION OF KITCHEN FAUCET, EASE OF USE AND DESIGN SEX ALSO IS ONE OF THE KITCHEN ARTICLES THAT LET A PERSON CARE ABOUT.
With usability and design in mind, faucet accessories have also become the focus of the kitchen.
Kitchen (hot water mixing) faucets are operated with double handle (double valve) mixing faucets and single rod mixing faucets. In addition, the way to water out/stop can be operated by buttons (hand or foot switch) in addition to the traditional handle steering wheel. There are also kitchen faucets that automatically turn on and off through sensors.
Type of kitchen faucet installation
Some kitchen faucets have added functions such as hand-held sprinkles and water purification. Due to the characteristics of use, in the appearance of the design can also see many gooseneck shape (like the curve of the gooseneck) faucet. And according to the method of installation, there are wall-mounted, seated (mesa and sink) and other installation types.
Types and characteristics of kitchen faucets
Single handle mixer faucet
Hot and cold water discharge, operated with one handle of water stop, which can be adjusted on the left and right sides of the operation type of hot water and temperature operation. It is widely used in the kitchen because it can be operated with one hand and is easy to use. Have A LOT OF PRICE AND CHANGE DESIGN, MOST INTEGRAL KITCHEN ALSO USES SINGLE HANDLE FAUCet MORE THIS ONE STANDARD.
Double handle (faucet) mixed faucet
Water quantity and temperature can be adjusted by two handles of hot and cold water supply. It can also be seen in imported goods such as individual designs.
Bring a hand-held shower mixer faucet
Have TO SAY, PULL PULL THE female DOLL THAT TYPE BIBCOCK CONVENIENT BIG THOUSAND WORLD REALLY PEOPLE! When washing hair, pull bibcock is a very good helper, resemble very much a mini flower sprinkle; It can also achieve remote flushing, such as flushing the toilet, walls, etc., to save the crowd who have a neat freak, it is not too good! To GO TO THE LAVATORY DAILY USE, KITCHEN BIBCOCK HAD BETTER CHOOSE A FEW TALLER, THE MOUTH OF EFFUSION WATER ALSO WANTS LONG, HAD BETTER BE TO STRETCH TO DRAIN UPPER PART, AND STILL CANNOT SPLASH WATER. There are hot water pipelines in many kitchens now, so it is best to choose double when choosing and buying. In order to meet the needs of various use, now most of the kitchen faucets can realize the main body of the faucet around the rotation, and the nozzle part, pull type faucets can be out of the nozzle, convenient cleaning to each corner of the sink, its disadvantage lies in the nozzle must be free of a hand to hold the nozzle.
Water purification faucet/integrated faucet

In addition to cold and hot water faucets, some homes will also be equipped with water purifier faucets

In addition to the usual faucet functions, there are special faucets for water purifiers. Install the filter element (water filter) under the counter, the type of faucet with water filter element built in, etc. In addition, there is a hybrid faucet unit with integrated water purification function.
Tips: The difference between front and end water purification

The central prefilter belongs to the main pipe water purification products, installed after the water meter to any exposed water pipe before the first faucet in the home, the central prefilter ensures that a large number of precipitated impurities produced in the water supply network will not cause harm to the human body. And the water pipe and wading equipment installed on the water pipe (such as water softener, water purifier, pure water machine or direct drinking machine, etc.) play a pre-protection role.

Water purifier is small at the end of the water treatment equipment, can effectively remove the chlorine in the water, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, algae and suspended solids, rear active carbon will further remove the water of organic matter, make clear water clean, sterile after processing, improve the taste, terminal water purifier will be more widely used in ordinary families in daily life.

It is equipped with hand-held shower and enrichment functions for rectification and water purification.
Automatic faucet non - touch faucet

The non-contact faucet can stop draining without touching the faucet body. A sensor exists below the spout position to detect the proximity of hands and dishes, thus controlling the discharge of water, and the faucet automatically stops when leaving. In another type, you simply place your hand on the sensor at the top of the faucet to sense the water, and stop the water when you repeat the action.

In both cases, the sensors are now more accurate, and the number of easy-to-use products is trickling into more homes. It can control the flow of water even when both hands are occupied. It can also avoid grease or foam on the hands during cooking and cleaning. It is also a very good faucet and a very popular sanitary faucet.

Touch switch type (light touch switch type) Faucet
The top switch controls the drain type of faucet. Touch with the hand or the back of the wrist, even if the hands are occupied can be easily operated, can be stopped at any time.
A condition in which hands can stain the handle during cooking. This is just the palm, the fingers, the back of the hand touch is OK. Because it can often stop water with one key, it is excellent in water saving.

The faucet for the Middle Island sink
Design also becomes the focus of the space. Courtesy of Antonio Citterio, Italy.
The HIGH-THROW GOOSENECK FAUCET ON THE PARTY ISLAND SINK IS MAINLY DECORATIVE AND designed. It is the model of many western kitchens in China and Europe and America.
All kinds of designs about energy saving
Today's kitchen faucets in homes are increasingly designed to save water. For example, the single rod cold and hot water mixing faucet and automatic induction faucet, relatively easy to shut off the water operation, so as to save more water. In addition, by determining the size of the flow and the shape of the shower, you can also reduce the consumption of water.
Save hot water plugs: Avoid unconscious waste of hot water
The hot water saving plug refers to the water plug that reduces the primary energy consumption by reducing the usage of hot water. It is divided into constant temperature hot water mixing plug and single handle hot water mixing plug, and the water plug with manual water stop structure, the water plug with small flow spit structure and the water plug with preferential cold water discharge structure are the main ones. The highlight is that flow regulation and temperature regulation are within the user's operating range.

Normal faucet handles in the positive position often represents the mixed water, creates a water heater ignition is normal open operation, and day type hot water switch device is under the condition of your unconscious priority in the operation of the mechanism of cold water to prevent water heater, mixed point in a slightly in front of the original position, this means that only cold water, Can avoid water heater energy (gas, electricity, etc.) waste.

In addition, the single rod design can effectively control the amount of water. The ECO spool has two sections of water control device, so that the water will not be opened to the maximum at one time and cause waste.
Examples of soup hydrants

Section soup A1: Water stop on hand structure, table faucet 9% savings
Section soup B1: priority spit cold water structure, table faucet 9% savings
AB: ECO handle water saving structure, table faucet saving 24%
Foam effluent design

By injecting air into the water, the volume of water particles is increased, thus achieving the desired water saving effect.


Sensor faucet
Simply place your hand on the upper sensor to turn the water on and off. In power-saving mode, sensors detect the amount of time cutlery and hands are placed under the faucet to control the effective discharge of water.
Intelligent sensing, by constantly running water and off water to save water.
About the faucet in the below, there are usually get "general social 団 legal person Japan バ ル ブ industry would "recognition of the water saving water chuan environmental protection symbol.

Water saving faucet with built-in valve
Built-in ration valve faucet
Foam feature faucet
Hot and cold mixing faucet (constant temperature)
Mixing faucet for hot and cold water (single handle)
Time stop faucet
Quantitative stop faucet
Self closing faucet
Automatic faucet (self-generating construction, AC 100V type)
Hand - held one - button stop shower type combination faucet
Consider ease of use and maintainability

Because kitchen faucets are a daily item, consider water-saving options as much as possible. Besides THE STYLE THAT SHOULD MATCH INTEGRAL AMBRY, WE CONSIDER ITS EASE OF USE AND EASY NURSING EVEN, AND THE SIZE OF SINK AND BIBCOCK PUT A POSITION. How to get between cooking and washing things and so on. In the case of an open kitchen, not only the kitchen, but also the faucet can be observed from the dining room and living room into consideration. Might as WELL BE IN CHOOSING INTEGRAL AMBRY SO WHILE, WILL CHOOSE THE DESIGN OF FAUCET AND INSTALLATION.

According to sink size and location
Long handle pull design

You can hold the shower head, pull out and take it in your hand, you can easily wash the sink or items with one hand. The top usually has an outlet mode switch. [Sprinkler head pullout size: about 30cm (water purifier together is about 27cm)]
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