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Teach you a trick how to see the quality of water purifier from the tap?


Here I want to talk about the water purifier faucet, not the water purifier faucet ~. The water purifier market is uneven, the price from hundreds to tens of thousands of products are many, how to look at the quality of the whole water purifier from such a small part of the faucet, to avoid buying things wrong board, which is still a bit of knowledge.

1. See material pledge

The special faucet of the water purifier is usually standard with the water purifier, and there is no extra charge. The responsible water purifier manufacturers will use the high-quality water purification faucet, that is to say, the material and the process are different, which will affect the service life. In addition to the service life, because clean water is usually used for drinking, water can also be regarded as a special food, so the faucet material is also involved in food safety, try to choose rest assured.

The current market better water purification tap material is a lot of people do not know the medical grade POM, POM is short for polyformaldehyde, comprehensive performance is superior, the German evaluation of POM "whether metal or any other polymer is impossible to provide such a combination of mechanical properties." This material can be modified by wear resistance to make low-friction, low-noise medical equipment, without external lubrication, thus significantly improving the comfort of use. Currently, it is mainly used in medical inhalers, insulin pens, blood needles, self-syringes and other equipment. It is also used in the water purifier in recent years, generally used in high-end products. From THE point OF view of REST assured, POM plastic BIBcock is LEAD-free, NON-toxic, no secondary pollution, no matter whether you receive drinking water, you can achieve safety and health, no volatile harmful substances. Moreover, even if the faucet is not opened for a long time, the water is still rust and lead free.

Compared with POM, most of the middle and low end faucets are made of ABS plastic and PE plastic, which can be recycled and reused repeatedly, while the plastic faucets made of recycled waste are of poor quality and do great harm to water quality. POM is a linear polymer with no side chains, high density and high crystallinity. It is also the only plastic material that can not be recycled.

There are still some water purification taps on the market are pure copper, but pure copper actually this is a concept. Because THE REASON OF THE RESPECT SUCH AS CRAFT CUTTING PROCESSING, THE COPPER THAT PRODUCES FAUCET IS 100 PERCENT PURE COPPER IMPOSSIBLY, WHAT THESE COPPER BIBCOCK USES ACTUALLY IS COPPER ALLOY MATERIAL, IT IS CAST COPPER ALLOY MOSTLY, CONTAIN AMONG THEM 4% -- THE ELEMENT SUCH AS 8% LEAD. Lead oxidizes when exposed to air, forming a protective film. After exposure to water, this protective film will shed, allowing the lead into the water, causing lead to precipitate. At the same time, because tap water uses chlorine as a disinfectant, residual chlorine in the water accelerates the aging of taps and lead precipitation.

Stainless steel faucet looks like a good choice, but when it comes to stainless steel, a lot of people may think of the sparkly faucet that is seen in the hardware store or shopping mall at ordinary times. Those are not stainless steel, but stainless iron + plating. Real stainless steel can be completely lead free, but due to the complex process, without the antibacterial advantages of copper, is not widely used.

The following picture is the faucet of the middle and high-end water purifier -- F&M 6A water purifier, which is made of POM material. Fangtai water purification machine mainly plays health, through its original invention of "NSP membrane chromatography double effect water purification technology", can selectively adsorb heavy metals, retain beneficial minerals, at one stroke to solve the ultrafiltration retained minerals but not safe, safe but unhealthy reverse osmosis industry pain points. According to the authoritative test report shows that the removal rate of lead, cadmium, chromium and arsenic by Fangtai water purification membrane chromatography has reached the same level as reverse osmosis technology, while the major elements such as calcium, magnesium and sodium are almost no intercept. Because is playing the health brand, so the faucet of lead - free avirulent more attention.
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